Promoting Masculine Greatness

St. Joseph so well teaches Sanctity of marriage, devotion to life and children, and strong masculine holiness! All these are virtues our culture has forgotten and desperately needs!

Image by Juliane Liebermann


The Short Story

When you come across a picture of an old friend, so many things happen: fond memories, that shirt, where you went, where the picture was taken, the time of day, the others who were present, the words and smells and thoughts... SO MANY sentiments. This is what an icon can do for you, except directed toward a very dear person:

St. Joseph -- the 1st century husband of Mary, earthly father of Jesus the Christ, and Bethlehem-born craftsman.

St. Joseph is much neglected by the post-modern Christian. His life and example assuredly give us much to consider and from which to learn and practice.  

You have an opportunity right in front of you to spend some time with this revered man, and through him get to know a Child who conquers evil, and brings joy and peace to your heart.




There’s an important difference between worship, on the one hand, and veneration, on the other. We worship God, and God alone, because God is the one and only Creator, Lord, and Father of all. We can venerate -- or give deep honor -- to people and things, even places, because of their closeness to God.  Icons are a very important part of the prayer life of Christians and have been for many, many centuries. We can see them in church buildings and homes around the world. According to tradition, St. Luke the Evangelist painted the very first icon. Images were regularly used in the context of worship, as far back as the Old Testament.   We venerate the saints, men and women who are alive in Christ, connected to Christ, a part of Christ, as members of His Body. So we venerate icons of Christ and of His saints.

So venerate the icon of St. Joseph: Husband, Father, and Worker!  Ask this holy man to help make you holy, inspire in you Godly ideals, and help fortify you in heroic virtue, all so you can better serve your loved ones, and worship the One, True God!

Inside of a Church


Reinforcing Commitment to Faith, Family and Life

We ask others to help us tackle tough tasks because we believe they can. Why not just ask God directly? Because he gave us others here on earth to be His hands, His feet, His eyes and ears, His living souls. We have a host of incredible people constantly around us to aide us. All we need to do is ask! for St. Joseph, this is as simple as asking his aide, his intercession, and his guidance, while venerating him for giving his life to God's Plan. He has proven himself in helping those who wish to better serve the Son and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Children Praying


One small step at a time

The St. Joseph Icon Project goal is to help you become holy. Pure and simple. St. Joseph is an excellent person to help you do that!


"Joseph ...a young man, strong, virile, athletic, handsome, chaste, and disciplined; the kind of man one sees sometimes shepherding sheep, or piloting a plane, or working at a carpenter's bench. Instead of being a man incapable of love, he must have been on fire with love...Instead of being dried fruit to be served on the side of the table of a king, he was rather a blossom filled with promise and power. He was not in the evening of life, but in its morning, bubbling over with energy, strength, and controlled passion!”

Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen

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